15 Easy PVC Pipe Projects for Kids Summer Fun

PVC is really soft and can be readily sanded by hand. Though PVC comes in a multitude of unique forms, pipe is the most typical. To earn a rigid model, PVC doesn’t need to get glued to remain together. Thus, let’s use PVC to produce an actual periscopethat we can utilize to spy out our targets. The next step was supposed to decrease the PVC. The 2-inch diameter PVC was a tiny narrow, so I wound up only utilizing the 3-inch piping.

PVC pipes are lightweight and are simple to move about. It is an inexpensive material that is versatile and easy to work with, so you can make toys just as good as the ones you could buy for much cheaper! You might think PVC pipe can only serve as a sprinkler pipe buried in your lawn, but there are several more fun things you can do with it!

——The project teaches an easy approach to laminate your plywood to provide your board extra strength to support children and parents alike. The previous project we’re likely to build is a teepee. If you don’t require the parts immediately, or you’re working on a massive project, you will find far better pricing and selection online.

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